Nolan is a professional film and video intellect specializing in visual design and creative writing. Nolan purchased a film camera when he was 17-years-old with the passion to go into the world and capture light on film. Since then, Nolan attended a small College in the financial district of Manhattan where he studied Philosophy and Literature, while taking seven semesters of Piano Instruction. He has traveled around California, Greater New York, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Northern Ireland with a burning curiosity for space and time. Nolan aims to document moments to remind the individual about the goodness of metaphysics and the ordinary. He favors pictures and community. As an artist, his medium is life. Nolan is based in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area and is open to relocation. As a recent graduate, he will be attending the 2019 Telluride Film Festival 31st Student Symposium.